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Turner Broadcasting

NBA Tip Off Coming Home Sound Series 2014

Turner collaborated with Samsung to book a NBA Tip Off concert featuring Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons. VL Group worked with Turner to extend the NBA Tipoff Coming Home Sound Series into the digital and music space leveraging a streaming music player.

The player was a turnkey tool from the VL platform and customized specifically for Turner to use with their NBA microsite ensuring streaming functionality on all platforms. In addition to the development work, VL secured the necessary synchronization license to feature Kendrick Lamar’s music in the campaign.


Capabilities & Deliverables

HobNob Wines

Summer Music Promotion

VL Group worked with HobNob Wines and their AORs to develop a music-centric summer promotion aimed at building connectivity with a targeted millennial consumer. By creating a strategic label partnership, VL positioned HobNob Wines as a tastemaker within the music scene via curated listening experiences and editorial content all pushed out through a digital experience and supported at retail.

The listening experience was delivered through a turnkey, shareable Facebook integration and included music-centric prize giveaways such as concert tickets, meet and greets, music streams and downloads. The program was supported with targeted social media messaging on Hob Nob’s, the label’s and artists’ social media pages promoting the music experience. As part of the social media strategy, Guest Editor posts from the label and artists were also placed on social channels throughout the summer.

VL extended support of the program to retail by securing the use of artists’ and label’s name & likeness in POS materials to drive consumers to the brand’s Facebook page.


Capabilities & Deliverables


  • 2014 IMA Award

HobNob Wines

Get Wicked Social Media Campaign

VL Group worked with HobNob Wines to launch the Get Wicked campaign across the brand’s social channels leveraging custom, original content developed to engage Millennials in conversation around Halloween & Day of The Dead. The campaign highlighted 3 key product varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the new Wicked Red Blend Limited Edition Bottle.

The Get Wicked hashtag campaign unfolded a Get Wicked party scene with HobNob at the center of it all. The scenes featured Millennials indulging in HobNob Wine, enticing food, decked out with Day of the Dead face paint, fashion to die for, and music loud enough to wake the dead. Vignettes were captured through still photography and developed into a series of social media outreach tactics to build brand awareness, community growth and retailer excitement.

VL aligned HobNob with a strategic media partner to amplify the Get Wicked conversation and coupled that partnership with paid media boosting to add additional engagement.

The successful campaign took home an IMA Outstanding Achievement Award in the Food and Beverage category.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • Cole Plante
  • The Ready Set


Chew To Your Own Beat

Mamba wanted to establish awareness, relevance and engagement with a teen consumer base through a social media campaign rooted in music.

VL Group developed Chew to Your Own Beat (CTYOB) – a creative and socially-driven communication platform aimed at reaching and engaging teens through a showcase of brand, artist and fan exclusive content. Messaging was aimed at promoting individuality among the demographic and showing this positive messaging through artist and content interactions.

Content and promotional information was compiled into a digital platform consisting of a curated aggregator of campaign related social activity pulled into a branded destination featuring social content, a CTYOB playlist, exclusive artist videos and exclusive prizing offers. VL developed the creative strategy around CTYOB including campaign look & feel, branded assets, graphics and creative imagery as well as handled all artist and content elements. This included vetting, negotiating and managing a featured artist alliance brought on to amplify the campaign messaging and connect directly with fans.

The promotion was supported with additional consumer elements in retail and at onsite music events throughout the term of the promotion.


New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation

Savoring the Blues Soundtrack

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation’s 2016 Crescent City Blues and BBQ festival turned to VL Group for a promotional tool to build hype, encourage VIP ticket sales and amplify social sharing.


Capabilities & Deliverables


2014 & 2015 Social Media

Storck USA needed to raise their social media engagement and target an entirely new demographic. VL Group was able to create, manage, and deliver.

VL Group conducted market research and developed a focused brand voice, leading to a highly successful social media strategy for 2014 which incorporated music, humor, current events, and more, as well as executing all aspects of themes, copy, and creative. VL Group also provided Mamba with detailed metrics & reports, based around our custom Real Engagement formula, which allowed adjustment and key learnings throughout the activation. A paid media and boosting strategy overlayed the program to increase awareness of the brand postings and activity on social channels.

The program was highly successful in 2014, and VL Group has continued to roll forward with an even more targeted and focused plan in 2015, leading to over 26% fan growth -- and, more importantly, a sustained 5-7% engagement rate.


Capabilities & Deliverables


Summer Concert Series

VL Group collaborated with Supra on their Supra Summer Music Series to secure artist performances in venues throughout the summer. The objective was to support Supra’s goal of realigning the brand with their true lifestyle roots through authentic artist alignments.

VL was responsible for vetting and securing artists in an effort to maximize partnerships and leverage assets via developing an artist ask strategy, guiding the negotiation, and managing the artists during the campaign/event. VL oversaw all artist contractual needs and handled commitments leading up to and including day of show to ensure all artist partnerships were fulfilled.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Client Programs

  • The GRAMMY Awards
  • Latin GRAMMY Award
  • Super Bowl
  • State Farm
  • American Eagle
  • Carnival
  • Amazon
  • Bud Light
  • IHOP
  • Anz
  • TaxSlayer


Music Promotions

Shazam operates music download giveaways tied to major events such as the GRAMMY Awards & promotions for brands. Previously, they linked out to specific music stores for this functionality, incurring higher operational expenses. Plus, that was a much less flexible solution than what they ultimately needed. Enter VL Group.

VL Group worked with Shazam to create custom landing & fulfillment pages that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. In addition, VL Group developed a custom CMS to manage their client promotional programs and content. VL Group handles all program hosting, fulfillment, and user communication, and the entire experience is built to scale with our beta high-volume transaction service, Rhymba AquaVTS.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Clients Using The Store

  • Pepsi
  • McDonald's
  • MasterCard
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Diageo
  • Delta Airlines
  • TD Bank
  • And dozens more.


Music Store

Billboard needed a bilingual, branded music store platform that could feature per-instance catalogs, flexible download code values, fast turn-up of new stores with custom URLs and landing pages, and full mobile compatibility. Fortunately, VL Group had just the platform at the ready.

Building off of our flexible and Mobile-Compatible white label store solution, VL Group designed and developed the Billboard Music Store platform. This platform allows Billboard to provide their brand promotion customers with their own custom URL and targeted catalog, along with a default language between English and Spanish and customized featured content.

VL Group also implemented our fast "search as you type" functionality, to quickly search across artists, albums, and tracks whitelisted for the particular store the user is on, as well as a full-featured mobile version of the store, which provides a digital Locker Service for user downloads.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • Maná
  • Pedro Capo
  • Da'Zoo
  • Sei7e
  • Fanny Lu
  • Joey Montana

Corona Extra

Maná Like Never Before Music Experience

Corona wanted to extend their brand positioning of “Refresh Your Summer” and summertime tour sponsorship of Maná with a fresh, innovative idea that would resonate with their fans and attract new ones to the brand.

VL Group developed a portfolio of Latin artists that "refreshed" Maná tracks and created exclusive content for distribution across the platform’s multiple distribution points.

VL Group vetted, negotiated with, and managed five popular Latin artists spanning across multiple genres that covered Maná’s hits in their own unique style. The tracks were released throughout the summer exclusively through Corona's "Maná Like Never Before" mini-site, Facebook tab application, or wall posts -- all created, managed, and hosted by VL Group. In addition, original videos featuring the artists were produced by VL Group and released on each artists' page on the Maná Like Never Before music experience mini-site.

The promotion was supported with additional consumer elements and a sweepstakes overlay that included the chance to attend a VIP Maná private concert in Las Vegas.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Artist Stores

  • Rolling Stones
  • Lady Gaga
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Eminem
  • Metallica
  • Toby Keith
  • Metallica
  • Jay-Z
  • U2
  • Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • Beyoncé
  • Bruno Mars
  • Taylor Swift
  • Paul McCartney
  • Jack Johnson
  • Daft Punk
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kanye West
  • John Mayer
  • Prince
  • Bob Dylan
  • Ramones

Delivery Agent

Music As Merchandise

Delivery Agent needed a digital media partner that they could integrate into their existing, robust store & shopping experience, with the goal of allowing customers to buy digital content much the same -- and alongside the same shopping cart -- as physical merch. Plus, this digital media partner had to be able to accept large volumes of custom, one-of-a-kind live content on a real-time basis.

Artists thrive on the connections they have with ardent fans and how that translates into revenue from merchandise sales. While sales of physical goods like T-shirts and posters are essential items of fan memorabilia, today's fans also want digital content and they want it now.

VL Group provides Delivery Agent with a full-scale integration of digital music, offering a sophisticated media management platform for content delivery and tracking of seamless transactions and content deliveries, rapid ingestion of live content from Delivery Agent artists, and a complete management pipeline including merchandising and operational support. Through this partnership, Delivery Agent has access to program and sell over 20 million licensed tracks from all major and most independent labels via VL Group’s robust library, as well as their own custom content available in formats ranging from MP3 to FLAC


Capabilities & Deliverables

ethr Music

Collaborative Music Listening

ethr Music is allowing users to listen to the same music friends, influencers, or celebrities are listening to, in real time. The collaborative listening service fills a gap left by current social media platforms—live music engagement through an in-app experience. Not only can users tune in to fellow users’ stations, comment, follow and favorite, users can tune into the stations of prominent figures. For example, if an athlete is warming up, users can listen to his or her pregame playlist with them in real time. If one missed the live event, they can access that playlist in ethr’s live feed.

ethr Music is backed by the secure streaming technology of VL Group’s patented Rhymba™ music API. The security and scalability of Rhymba™ is currently powering music experiences for a number of renowned, innovative clients.


Capabilities & Deliverables


Making Music Social

With an explosion of users within its virtual avatar world, IMVU was looking to make its music experience both a more socially compelling as well a more profitable one. But, bringing a large catalog of music to 55+ million users in an interface that “fits in” with the virtual world IMVU has created was a challenge.

IMVU, the world’s largest online social avatar network, was looking for a way to keep visitors on the site longer, increase emotional engagement, and bring added value to the social experience within IMVU where users meet, chat, and play games together.

VL Group’s technology and label relations built the foundation for the IMVU Music Store, where IMVU’s 55+ million users can purchase music to stream in-world or as licensed digital downloads from a library of over 6 million tracks. Artist promotions are coordinated on a regular basis to expose new, emerging, and seasonal music to the IMVU community.

Whether the avatar is “on the beach” or “in the club,” VL Group enables them to interact with and share music in any IMVU chat room setting, listening to music simultaneously with others in the same virtual room.

The addition of music to IMVU’s expansive virtual community allows users another method to express their personalities and interact with other users in a fun, unique way. As a result, IMVU has proven to engage users for longer periods of time and increase profits by selling music in addition to virtual goods.



Crowdsourced Interactive Jukebox

Rockbot is provides the audio environment for an array of social settings (bars, gyms, restaurants, etc.) through crowdsourced interactivity through a digital jukebox-like app experience. VL Group powers the digital music streaming components through our patented API.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • 2AM Club
  • Terry Adams
  • Archisand
  • Jon “The Duke” Dowker
  • The Kicks
  • Greg Lazarus
  • Eric Silverman
  • Derek Zemen


Front Row

Pop-Tarts wanted to reward its existing Facebook fans as well as grow their social media reach, and they knew they wanted to use music to do so. They turned to VL Group, and "Front Row" was the result.

VL Group created a series of unique live music experiences that were showcased through a website and promoted on Facebook.

Taking place in Pop-Tarts’ top consumption markets, the “pop-up” events paired musical acts with extreme sport athletes. Facebook fans of Pop-Tarts were given special access to information and content from the events.

One such event was held at The Wave House in San Diego, California. The “Sprinkle Splash” event featured performances by RCA Records pop group 2AM Club, U.S. Sand Castle Open Masters Champions Archisand, and professional Flowriders Derek Zemen, Greg Lazarus, and Eric Silverman. In front of a sold out Wave House crowd, the band performed while the flowriders soared to great heights and the sand castle artist sculpted away. Live performance and interview videos from the event were captured and repurposed back on the microsite.


Capabilities & Deliverables


Hertz Music Store

Hertz was searching for a way to reward and incent Hertz Gold Member rentals during the key summertime rental period. They turned to VL Group to make music a cornerstone of their outreach.

VL Group developed and designed an online music experience to deepen the connection between travel and music by rewarding Hertz Gold Members with access to a library of music available for download.

As part of the experience, VL Group created a customized site design that featured a What’s Hot, Popular This Week, Top Downloads and Hertz Picks features populated with album artwork. A large library was able to be instantly searched using our search-as-the-user-types capabilities across albums, artists, and tracks, and customers were able to register and store codes for later redemption.

VL Group integrated a seamless mobile version of the site compete with browse, search and digital locker capabilities for Hertz Gold Members on the go.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • Jason Derulo
  • Gloriana
  • Jordin Sparks


2011 H.E.R. Award from Marketing to Moms Coalition

Quaker Chewy

Afterschool Rocks

How did Quaker Chewy reposition their product as an after-school snack and raise Back-to-School sales? They used VL Group's Music Mixer to generate recommended songs for kids across a variety of genres, and watched their sales increase by up to double digits in key accounts.

Quaker and VL Group created the Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks program, which rewarded families who purchased Chewy bars with the opportunity to build and download their Afterschool Rocks soundtrack.

Every time a consumer purchased a specially marked package of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, they received a unique code redeemable for 2 song downloads from the Afterschool Rocks website. Codes from product purchased at Walmart were redeemable for 2 additional music downloads.

The Afterschool Rocks program gave consumers the opportunity to sign up, log in and create up to 5 Afterschool Playlists from a library of 250 popular and family-friendly songs. Families could sort through the music library based on after-school themes and activities, build playlists, and share on Facebook.

Additionally, visitors to the Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks website could discover exclusive content from the featured artists which included Jordin Sparks, Jason Derulo and Gloriana. Visitors could learn about the artists, watch their exclusive videos about staying active with their families and on tour, and check out artists' after-school playlists.

Quaker Chewy also partnered with the Afterschool Alliance to help support and raise awareness for quality after-school programs for children. As part of the Quaker Afterschool Rocks program, 25,000+ programs nationwide received access to additional vital resources.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Blake Shelton
  • Jason Derulo
  • Goo Goo Dolls
  • Michelle Brand
  • Toni Braxton
  • Sean Paul
  • and many more…


2007 Interactive Media Awards


Sleigh Bells Rock

Schick was looking for a program loaded with star power to incentivize purchase of Schick razors and to grab key account shelf space during the all-important holiday season.

Relaunch Sleigh Bells Rock to reward customers who purchased specially marked Schick products with a unique code, good for up to 10 music downloads. The Sleigh Bells Rock microsite was the destination during the holiday season to download music, stream music videos, set custom wake-up calls, watch exclusive interviews with bands and enter to win awesome prizes.

Throughout the program, VL Group secured top notch talent including Brad Paisley, Sara Bareilles, Goo Goo Dolls, Santana, Sean Kingston, Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert, DEVO, and many more.

And, the program was an absolute, unqualified success: For the first time, Schick was able to beat out competitor Gillette for end-cap space in key retailers for over 3 weeks during the holiday season. These results encouraged Schick to repeat the program for 3 consecutive years. The program received the Interactive Media Award for excellence in design, development, and implementation.


Capabilities & Deliverables


2007 Interactive Media Awards:
Best in Class Consumer Goods
Best in Class Entertainment


Hangover Recovery

To help Unilever’s Axe launch a new line of shower gel, Recovery, that promoted invigorating electrolytes that could cure any hangover, Axe turned to VL Group and our music mixer.

VL Group developed an innovative music mixer that helped determine the severity of a user's hangover, and provided them with music to aid in their recovery.

The promotion was launched at bars in 9 markets around the US where brand ambassadors, disguised as nurses, distributed Axe branded download cards and used PDA and mobile components to drive guys, ages 21-24, to the custom Axe branded website.

On the website, users turned dials and flipped switches to indicate how much they drank the night before and how they felt in the morning. Based on their inputs, the Hangover Recovery Mixer delivered a 10 to 14 track professionally produced mix to match their hangover level to ultimately help them recover.

The Hangover Recovery Mixer hit a lifestyle brand bulls-eye getting the word out about Axe's Recovery Shower Gel and helping guys through rough mornings with music.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • Rocco DeLuca
  • Thriving Ivory
  • Holly Williams
  • Ingrid Michaelson

Hotel Indigo

Artists in the Spotlight

Hotel Indigo wanted a music experience that would enhance its lifestyle image, targeting both business and leisure travelers.

VL Group worked with Intercontinental Hotels Group to launch the Hotel Indigo Artists in the Spotlight program. This campaign underscored the brand’s lifestyle position and seasonal renewal program, and provided breakout artists with a new platform to reach fans.

The program gave music lovers and Hotel Indigo guests a 360-degree experiential connection. Exclusive in-lobby performances at select Hotel Indigo’s across the U.S. expanded into a viral website, inviting guests to meet artists-on-the-rise with real stories to tell.

The Artists in the Spotlight website allowed guests to stream the hotel performances, view artist interviews, and download exclusive mixes which incorporated brand messaging.

To further enhance the message, artist Name and Likeness were promoted on table tents, coasters, room keys, and key-card jackets. The artists in the spotlight included Rocco DeLuca, Thriving Ivory, Holly Williams, and Ingrid Michaelson.

ROI: 93% of guests indicated that the music podcasts made them feel more positive toward Hotel Indigo.



Do the Potty Dance

The Challenge: Promote Huggies Pull-Ups diapers among potty-training toddlers and their parents. The Mission: Do so with music.

VL Group contracted Grammy Award-nominated children’s musician Ralph Covert, who the New York Times has called family music’s “Elvis Costello, if not its Elvis Presley,” to write and record “Do the Potty Dance”.

Covert was deeply involved in the promotion of the song, hosting parties and giving interviews, in addition to seeding the video on his social networks. He continues to endorse on his official website.

The video was a huge success racking up over 900,000 You Tube views.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Sony PlayStation Portable

Girlz Play Too

Sony tapped VL Group to help increase sales of a limited edition Hannah Montana Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) at Walmart during the holiday season.

VL Group created a valuable digital PSP Entertainment Pack targeted at 11- to 14-year old girls.

With each purchase of the limited edition PSP, consumers received a “Girlz Play Too” card providing access to a microsite that featured content from popular tween idols such as Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Jesse McCartney. Codes on the cards allowed users to search, sample, and download 6 MP3s directly to their PSP.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • The Alternate Routes
  • Athlete
  • Autovaughn
  • Blue
  • Blind Melon
  • Ryan Cabrera
  • Ross Copperman
  • The Daylights
  • Rocco DeLuca
  • The Donnas
  • The Duke Spirit
  • Brett Dennen
  • Filter
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • Hawk
  • honeyhoney
  • Josh Kelley
  • Kid Sister
  • Greg Laswell
  • Kevin Michael
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • Shawn Mullins
  • Poi Dog Pondering
  • Matt Nathanson
  • Poi Dog Pondering
  • Sing It Loud
  • Umphrey’s McGee
  • Kate Voegele
  • Sarah Vonderhaar
  • The Watson Twins


2008 Create Awards (Silver)

My Coke Rewards

Summer of Music

Coca-Cola was interested in adding an exclusive music component to their "My Coke Rewards" program.

VL Group created a digital “Summer of Music” promotion where consumers could cash in My Coke Rewards points for unique Music Bundles. The bundles included exclusive and unreleased content such as MP3 downloads, videos, interviews, blogs, and other content.

The promotion featured a diverse spectrum of artists including Brett Dennen, Josh Kelley, Kate Voegele, Poi Dog Pondering, The Watson Twins, and several more.


Collision Conference

Conference Soundtrack

For Collision Conference 2016, VL Group powered the soundtrack to the conference inspired by the conference’s new host city, New Orleans. Utilizing VL Group’s SmartPlayer powered by SmartStream™, the “Rhythms of New Orleans” soundtrack functioned across Collision Conference’s platforms and increased promotion of the event through viral social sharing capabilities.


Capabilities & Deliverables

Participating Artists

  • Caitlin Crosby
  • Eleventyseven
  • IJ Quinn
  • Morgan Mallory
  • Rabbit!
  • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
  • The Steps
  • Veronica Ballestrini
  • Visqueen
  • We The Living


Five Star Music Insider

VL Group assisted Mead Five Star with giving their consumers a behind the scenes look at the music industry during the Back-To-School season with the Five Star Music Insider promotion.

Every time a consumer purchased a specially-marked Five Star notebook, they received a unique code good for music downloads. The unique code drove consumers to the FSMI website where they could check out the bands, sample songs, watch videos, read blogs, unlock behind-the-scenes footage and vote for their favorite band. The band with the most votes at the end of the program won $25,000. By voting, consumers were also entered into a sweepstakes where one grand prize winner received $25,000 themselves.

The promotion also incentivized consumers who purchased the special edition notebook by offering exclusive Rock Bundles. A unique code on the notebook provided special access to the bundle which included a song, a video, and a digital poster.

Additionally, consumers who bought their Five Star products at Target retailers were driven to a Target-themed Five Star Music Insider experience where they could access all the elements of the National FSMI experience in addition to a larger music library with songs from 20 additional emerging artists.