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Powering the next generation of music UX.



VL Group’s SmartStream™ technology offers a dynamic and cost-effective music streaming solution that allows brands to engage consumers in a custom music experience. Here’s what SmartStream™ can do:

  1. Remove the need for consumers to download or sign in to an app
  2. Provide instant 'click & play' access to streaming music
  3. Run optimized for any connected device
  4. Allow for seamless distribution via social channels, email and web

See an example of our SmartPlayer powered by SmartStreamhere.


Digital Premiums

VL Group provides digital music downloads as a bundle or an optional upsell with concert tickets. We have a long history of supporting Ticket Premiums for Ticketmaster as the digital content and service provider for MusicToday (the fulfillment arm of Ticketmaster). Now, we are able to support Ticket Premium bundles and provide upsell or enhanced value opportunities for any ticket seller. This is a unique opportunity to make additional sales to fans during the ticket purchasing process. We report all sales to Soundscan and helps artists meet their sales goals.


Download + Artist Stores

Cover every angle of your download store with VL Group’s site traffic reporting and download statistics. We take care of reporting to rights holders and making payments for digital sales, so you don’t have to. Whether you want us to provide a full-service music download store, or you want to plug a download solution into your business, we have you covered.


Loyalty + Engagement

VL Group’s loyalty marketing tools are simple for consumers to use and impactful for brands to leverage. Want to drive traffic, reward customer behavior, and prove sponsorship ROI?

  • Create white labeled, turnkey multi-channel rewards platform
  • Incentivize consumer actions online, onsite and via social media
  • Create easy redemption in a custom, branded, digital marketplace filled with exclusive rewards and merchandise


VL Group's Rhymba platform is a series of REST-like APIs and endpoints designed to make integrating music downloads, streaming, previews, and artwork into your site or service as easy and efficient as possible. Using OData-based URL structures and returning JSON or XML, Rhymba allows you to search for content, request specific content, deliver it in a variety of ways, and more, in a scalable and lightning-fast manner, regardless of your server-side programming language. You can also query Rhymba using client-side Javascript, from within Flash-based applications, or within mobile applications for usage across a variety of non-traditional applications. Sign up for access here.


Music Licensing

With over 20 million pre-cleared music tracks in VL Group’s catalog, we know a thing or two about licensing. Let us take this often tedious process off of your hands. We have experts on our team that can acquire the licenses and report to all rights holders, no matter the content and artist involvement in each program.


Campaign Design + Management

VL Group’s bottom line is all about your bottom line. We increase ROI by streamlining campaign flow, increasing visibility and providing lean data you can actually use.
We rock at strategically choosing artists and music for successful campaigns that deliver strong ROI. The curation in itself is an art form, you’ve got to be sure that each resonates with the customer. So, from the moment we begin our partnership we are constantly thinking about the best sound and content strategy. We work across tiers to provide the best artists and content for campaign results.


Artist Relations

VL Group’s relationships run deep with labels, artists’ management, and artists directly to fulfill contract points and to ensure a smooth program activation for an array of clients and partnerships.